Stove Safety Monitor System

Logic Design
Sequential Logic IC
Temperature Sensor
Logical Comparison

This was the final project for my Logic Laboratory at USF. The system was designed to monitor a kitchen stove for temperature and the presence of any appliance on one of two burners. If an appliance is removed, while the temperature is still high, the system will trigger an alarm after a certain amount of time is elapsed.

In the video, the test for presence of an appliance was done via a laser and laser detector. Although we tested everything beforehand, during the time of the presentation, we couldn't get the temperature sensing circuit to work properly with the rest of the circuit and that's why you won't be able to see it in the video demonstration. But everything else worked fine. This was a very interesting project since only discrete logic ICs were used to acheive the end result without the help of any microcontrollers. We got to understand the underlying boolean logic that would be needed in order to compute all the necessary calculations.

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