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This was a project for my Honors Engineering Thesis. We were working on Sustainability as Engineers and decided to tackle the very real problem of Solid Waste Management at our USF Tampa campus. We were divided up into teams to work on individual aspects of our choosing regarding this issue. My team decided to work on how the communication between students and staff at dining halls could be improved. This would help students produce less waste and they would be able to convey their problems that led them to produce waste in the first place. We also thought about improving communication between staf members both in kitchens and offices.

To do this, we made an application for phones that would have surveys, food information for each dining hall, as well as, complaints/suggestions submissions. As a team, we conducted surveys to understand and tackle the problem of waste management at USF dining halls managed by Aramark. We received around 300 responses from students all accross campus.

Our phone application was designed using Angular and Ionic and the database for the content submission as well as the menu system for dining hall food was built and managed using MongoDB which is based on JSON and is faster than using SQL.

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