A gallery of the projects that I have made. The main skills that I believe were the most important are highlighted beneath each title. Click on each title to see more.

For our EE senior design at USF, our team of 4 decided to build an automated interior wall painting robot. Our dream was to have a machine that would be able to precisely cover a flat wall with paint much quicker than an average human painter while managing to paint around wall outlets and other small obstacles. As with all underfunded projects in life, compromises were made. But we were all excited to be working with paint!

A 3D printed guitar neck that ligths up in order to show how to play certain chords or scales. Perfect for a musician. An LCD menu system that is easy to navigate and the convenience of using a remote control complete this miniature guitar teacher.

A tone generator and coupled with a 10 step sequencer that I made for my Electronics Final Project. The device makes a lo-fi sound (similar to an Atari) and with the help of the sequencer, 10 different pitch levels can be attained that are sequenced through. The individual pitches themselves can be tuned with knobs.

A Logic Laboratory Final Group Project. Built completely with discrete logic ICs, this circuit detects temperature levels as well as the presence of a kitchen appliance (such as a pan or kettle). If the temperature is too high or if someone forgot to turn off the stove after cooking is done and everything is taken off from the stove, an alarm will sound after a certain time has passed.

Learning about the PIC 18F4550 AC to DC converter. I tried to change the output on an LED matrix screen based on the potentiometer reading.

Honors Engineering Thesis Project. We were working on 'Sustainability as Engineers' and decided to tackle Solid Waste Management at our USF Tampa campus. My team decided to work on how the communication between students and staff at dining halls could be improved. This would help students produce less waste and they would be able to convey their problems that led them to produce waste in the first place.

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